Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why are politicians called leaders?

We have all played the game of Monopoly and in some of those games we each played the role of the banker. We did not create or earn the paper money found in the game, but as the banker, we disbursed it, charged interest, and even collected the fines charged in the game to get out of jail. As a very popular board game, we all counted upon the players to play by the rules.

In the United States of America our government officials are elected to serve the people. If they are elected to serve the people why do we call them leaders? After all, they are elected to follow the rules of the United States Constitution, as well as the statutes created through legislation. Yet we call them leaders, when in effect they are "followers" of the established constitutional rule or, in the very least, "servers" of the people. So why do you fear your government official who is elected to serve you?

Please take a look at the following and demand your elected official simply follow the United States Constitution. If not, you must simply support someone who will. After all, they are elected to serve you.

Why Lincoln and Kennedy Were Assassinated

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