Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are we so foolish?

The nation's debt has climbed $2.78 trillion dollars in the past five years. This climb occurred during a very trying period between the political factions. On one side more debt was wanted while on the other less debt was desired.

The sides have been preaching the very same positions since I was a kid yet the national debt has continued to grow. It can not be stopped because the politico's are unwilling to pay the price. If the side who wants debt growth is in power, it grows. If the side who wants less debt is in power, nothing is done towards reduction because it is too painful to cut un-needed governmental services and expect re-election.

You know the gig has really been set when the politico's are more than willing to cut a veteran's pension yet have no issue whatsoever with giving themselves a cost of living increase.

How did we become who we are today? The solution, I think, is removing anyone from any office who has served at least two terms in that office. You are able to remove their desire to govern in order to get re-elected and replace it with a component to serve.

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