Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It has become the norm.

It used to be a foregone conclusion an elected official would serve his constituents for a couple of terms and retreat back into the normal society, relinquishing the seat to a new servant of the people. Today we see so many incumbent servants whose only focus seems to be for the service of their own re-election. They have become servants for themselves, not servants of the people.

If we could spotlight this reality and instill in the populace a demand for turnover, the people would begin to feel the positive affects of the service that was once ours to reap. If an official has served two terms in any office the mindset of the populace must be against the re-election of that same official. The power has become theirs due to incumbency. We can only regain the power by limiting incumbent representation.

Certainly you have to be upset with the very same talking heads, year after year, telling you of the differences they will make. If you are, then make a point to not ever vote again for an incumbent politician who has served at least two terms in any office.

You will be glad you did.

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