Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Security of Freedom

Watching my favorite movie for the 27th time yesterday I pondered over the reason why. In other words, why do I enjoy watching this movie so much? After all, it is rated R and it is set in medieval time. Then it hits me. The word FREEDOM. Do we elect our leaders to give them the power to remove or secure our freedom? Which is it do you think? It is very telling we lament on facts our elected leaders are more interested in their own protection, their own security, and they will use whatever means necessary to effect their interest. We complain about it yet we continue to provide these types of people with the reward of an elected office. The next time you pull a lever in an election please ask yourself one question. Will this vote provide me with more freedom or will my vote cause more rule and regulation? Remember the only reason for living is to be free and with that freedom comes the huge responsibility of protecting it for future generations. I could go on and on about the personal freedoms lost to political expediency in my short life or I could just mention the name of the movie, BRAVEHEART.

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