Sunday, June 30, 2013

Only God Can Make That Decision

Divisive subjects are meant to be what they are. As soon as a solution is found that is bi-partisan, another divisive subject comes along to do what it is intended to do. The word "marriage" has been thrown about the past few years with very divisive results. Even the United States Supreme Court was divided with one justice lambasting another.

The word "marriage" is about inclusivity, yet is being used for divisive purposes. How can you reconcile that, you might ask? How did we get to a point whereas the word "marriage" had to be defined?

I say, "does it really matter?" Deep in your heart and in your soul you know that man created language founded upon the definition of words. So why are so many so excited about a particular word created by the likes of men?

Your relationship with God is what really defines you and your definition of any word of man. You know by obeying the word of God your reward is eternal. You also know the word of God will "not be hearkened" by so many others. So please, fall back into the comfort zone of your very own relationship with God and let those who so choose to live "differently" do just that.

Prayer works wonders. It has been maligned by most men, but that is what we have been told to expect. This little book here called The Ten Commandments Every Day will certainly help you relax while providing a pad of comfort through a better understanding of its meaning.

After all, you and I both know who reigns SUPREME.

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