Monday, June 3, 2013

Best Baseball Books For Boys 2015

Have you seen the Best Baseball Books For Boys 2014 list? After all, we have our favorite baseball players and our favorite baseball teams, but how many of us have our best baseball books for boys to read on our nightstand or coffee table? When you were a kid, did you keep several baseball books to read in your room or did you have a couple of baseball books that you read over and over? Well, I did and one of those favorite baseball books I read as a boy was given as a present to me on my 45th birthday. Of course, I read it again.

The Best Baseball Books For Boys 2014 list is composed of current bestsellers and a couple of hidden gems. "Moneyball" the book from which a hit movie was made, "The Last Boy..." about Mickey Mantle, and "Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy" are just a few of the books on this list of Best Baseball Books For Boys to have in their collection of books to read this summer.

"Little League Heroes" by Joe Jackson is for the boy or the boy in you. If you have a kid or a nephew playing baseball, I do recommend this book as a must read for kids this summer. The PDF Version is here. You can order the paperback by clicking here or order the KINDLE eBook edition by clicking here.

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