Thursday, June 13, 2013

Algorithm That Connects The Dots

It was so easy to laugh out loud when I first heard of the NSA using an algorithm that connects the dots while snooping on the communications of American citizens. Of course, I did not realize Al Gore had rhythm. I have to say that because some politicians will do anything to get their name into the daily mainstream.

As an American citizen we need to demand government funding that allows us to create a system that monitors the communications of our elected officials. The protocol will be exactly the same as the NSA system. We will use our own algorithm that connects the dots.

We need to be able to connect the dots, see the patterns, and demand warrants when we see a threat emanating from a particular pattern that threatens the Constitution our elected officials were elected to uphold.

Did you just learn that a communication is also known as a dot? Let's call our algorithm that connects the dots Crystal Clear.

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