Sunday, December 13, 2015

American Taxpayers Are Fed Up!!

Americans are responding to the real fact that "the wool has been pulled" over their eyes. Whether a tax, fine, restitution, or fee any payment to a government is a "tax". I love our military, but why does the American military manage campaigns instead of using the full force given them from us to completely annihilate the enemy? Americans are taxed to pay for weapons designed for complete destruction yet war planners can only "manage" the confrontation? Then we have the trickle down effect. Why are the police called "Pigs"? Is it because we the people are paying too much and getting so little in return? Do not even get me started on how our "taxes" are being used to finance the technology used by government or police agencies everywhere to erode or remove our basic civil rights. Hopefully in this great country called America the pendulum will keep on swinging!!

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