Friday, April 3, 2015

Why Do We Keep Electing Lawyers? Why?

Has research proved people must be managed by lawyers? If so, where is it written? Besides, who says we must be managed? Yet almost every day a new law is written by an elected lawyer, be it a judge or a politician. To whom do you think a new law really benefits? If you said lawyers and judges, please read on. In my short half of a century life, living in the land of the free, I have seen so much freedom erode. How did it happen? In just about every endeavor of our life, it has become necessary to consult with a lawyer before proceeding. Do you really think that is in our personal interest? Free worlds always collapse due to the cost attributed to lawyers. Personal responsibility has been replaced with lawyers and the courts they thrive in now determine how we shall proceed. Judges, who were once lawyers, and lawyers are quite comfortable with the power they share. One only has to look at our history to see how easy it is to replace the judge and the politician with someone whose mind is much more expansive and founded upon true reality.

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