Friday, October 24, 2014

The Food Is Available. No It Is Not.

Have you ever been really hungry? You know the feeling; the stomach growling accompanied by the sharp pangs of hunger. We either feel it while on a diet, when late or skipping a meal. It is never a pleasant feeling. Fortunately we are able to solve the problem quickly.

Now, imagine the feeling of hunger, with food everywhere. The sight of food, the smell, even the sound when a certain food is cooking. Please, stop for five seconds and, imagine, one of your favorite foods cooking the aroma.

But you cannot have it. As a matter of fact you cannot have any food. While food is everywhere, your straits are so dire. You are doing the best that you can and you are so hungry. If only you could have just one bite.

Hold what you are feeling. Please, hold what you are feeling. You and I both know over one million tons of edible food is wasted each day by institutions due to regulations forced upon them by government. Would you eat a pizza or hamburger that has sat on a countertop for three hours.

Of course and if you were really hungry you might embarrass yourself. How can we get the wasted but edible foods into the mouths of those who could really use it? It must be done.

We all want to play a part in helping others, don't we?

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