Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fighting Fire With Fire

It is a foregone conclusion the terrorist group ISIS is willing to cause fear among their enemies with heinous and despicable acts. Their willingness to behead, rape, and commit torture against people, especially the most innocent, is a well known, documented fact. Obviously this group called ISIS understands the raw power of fear.

In this environment, to confront ISIS, we must be feared. As harsh as this might sound, we must use the very same tactics they use. It is the only way to end their campaign quickly. Maybe the Bureau of Prisons could provide 10 - 15 "Hannibal Lector" types to the military. With special forces involved, several ISIS terrorists could be apprehended. Upon their apprehension, the "Hannibal Lector" types would meet with them; the television cameras and radio microphones turned on. After the meeting between them, we could then show ISIS what happens when groups like ISIS refuses to play by the rules of war.

As a lesser alternative, we could get Hollywood secretly involved to produce 10 - 12 slick and sick videos depicting ISIS terrorists being horribly tortured while presenting it as authentic. Let's get creative and stop them.

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