Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No Wonder We Wonder.

NBA players, who play in a league that is, according to Charles Barkley, black, start promoting Obamacare, named for the first black President of the United States. The NBA players willingly promote Obamacare under the leadership and approval of a Jewish NBA commissioner named Silver, who happens to be a big Democratic party donor. Two weeks later, Barack Hussein Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder comes out and calls US Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor's dissent against affirmative action as "passionate" in front of the American populace. I personally believe most dissents of any SCOTUS justice are "passionate" yet I had not ever heard Eric Holder say as much about any other dissent until then. After the Holder comment, I had to wonder why now? Would he enforce the ruling or her "passionate" dissent? Later, the Attorney General, while speaking at former FBI informant Al Sharpton's National Action Network proclaimed "unprecedented, ugly opposition ...” and clearly implied it’s because of race, regarding his and Barack Hussein Obama's treatment by the other party to the democratically elected power in Washington. A few days thereafter, an 80 year old Jewish man, who is also a big donor to the Democratic party, is privately and illegally recorded in his own home. He implies on the very illegal and private recording he does not want his half/black, half/latino, 31 year old concubine seen with black men publicly or on social media. Of course, we find out today the "Heinz 57" of a concubine has been sued by this big Democratic donor's wife for the return of the community property given to the concubine by the 80 year old man. The community property transfer included a $2,500,00.00 (two million five hundred thousand dollars) house, a Ferrari, (2) Bentleys, and a Range Rover. Hence, a motive for the private recording to become public. You think? So we have an 80 year old man, who happens to be a big Democratic donor, having his private conversations made public by a half/black, half/latino concubine. This happens as Barack Hussein Obama's Attorney General is playing the race card and praising a SCOTUS dissent as "passionate" or "courageous." All the while, the Jewish NBA Commissioner, a big Democratic party donor, is allowing NBA players to promote Obamacare. Lest I forget, I must tell you the 80 year old Democratic donor happens to be the owner of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers. Today, the Jewish NBA Commissioner, surname Silver who is a Democratic Party donor, stripped everything named NBA away from the 80 year old man, who happens to be, I remind you, another big Democratic party donor. The Jewish NBA commissioner is outraged because a very private and illegally recorded conversation was made public by a "Heinz 57" concubine with a motive. So, with the above being framed, we have black NBA players pushing the Obamacare law that is named after the first black President. It is being done under the principled leadership of a Jewish Democratic donor who happens to be the NBA commissioner; the Attorney General of Barack Hussein Obama is using the race card while promoting a passionate dissent of a SCOTUS ruling; and the taking of property from an American individual, who happens to be Jewish as well, whose conversation was privately and illegally recorded. No wonder we wonder.

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