Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fat Pigs Get Slaughtered

Growing up the words "fat pigs get slaughtered" meant that being greedy or unfair would only lead to an unwelcome circumstance. I knew the "fat pigs" spent more time at the feed trough, hence their weight gain. No doubt a "fat pig" was more tasty and likely to be culled for the kitchen table.

Can you imagine if the "fat pigs" had been able to control the decisions regarding food, slaughter, and other farm operations? New world records being set for pig weight could be a possibility. The lean, less tasty pig ending up in the grocery aisle would be a foregone conclusion, no doubt. Regardless, we the people would ultimately pay with more money for less value.

Yet we continue to allow politicians to get "fat" on the trough of government revenue. Why do we do that? We have no turnover in our political leadership and the "fat pigs" are now running the operations. World records are being set for government growth.

Take back the farm by removing any politician of any stripe who has spent at least two terms in any elected office. Then and only then will you see efficiency and real leadership evolve. Our farm was not created to give the "fat pigs" operational control. I remember they were always slaughtered.

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