Friday, October 18, 2013

We Are So Busy Our Doors Remain Closed

So we opened a new store that sells a product that we promise will save people at least $2500.00 annually. Maybe times are hard or maybe people are no longer pinching pennies, but quarters and half-dollars. The reason I say that is because we are utilizing a brand new marketing strategy and the promise of saving $2,500.00 should be quite a come on. Our strategy is to convince our customers, through news stories and signs, that so many people are trying to get in that we can not even open the doors.

We are claiming that we were not prepared for the overwhelming response and we claim each day the customers are there, trying to get in, and that we see new faces in the crowd. Does it sound like it is working? What did we do right? Was it the promise of the $2500.00 annual savings? Is it because we have something for everyone, including those who had been denied something elsewhere? Maybe that is it, I do not know.

But for some odd reason, none of our customers are government officials. They have said they want no part of what we have to offer. I do not know why and it is very confusing to us? Should we continue to keep the doors shut while telling everyone the reason is due to an overwhelming response? At what point would you open the doors?

Now, I have to be honest. A few customers who did get in complained about the price, but said they really had no choice because they risked getting fined. Fined, by the same government officials who do not want it, for not having it. I do not know who these officials are, but the customers made them sound really official.

Oh well, what a dilemma we have. The government is forcing our customers to buy it and the response has overhelmed us. I guess we will just have to hope the curiosity wanes. In the meantime, should I be worried about selling a product to my customers that my government officials have clearly stated they want no part of?

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