Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Benefits Of Gelatin

Growing up and eating Jello from time to time, I did not think about the good it might be doing for me internally. Why would a kid think of gelatin benefits? Fast forward a few decades and now I must proclaim my personal story.

Joint pain had become noticeable, especially after strenuous activity. Over the years I had heard that Jello was good for the joints, but I desired a healthier alternative. Hence, organic bovine gelatin.

For the past 60 days, as instructed, I have stirred one tablespoon of organic bovine gelatin into a cup of coffee each morning to start each day. The coffee remained delicious. Again, each night I have stirred one tablespoon of organic bovine gelatin into either a delicious cup of hot cocoa or hot lemonade. This daily process has not changed for over 60 days.

After the first ten days my joint pain was gone. No joint pain at all and popping out of bed each morning very quickly has become a wonderful way to start the day. Yet there are more gelatin benefits to discuss. 

Remember, I started this regimen for the joint pain. Yet the following has occurred:

1. My fingernails are harder and stronger. I can scrape bark off of a tree with my toe nails.

2. My hair appears thicker and more healthy. Even my stylist noticed the difference.

3. My face looks younger and I know this because people are telling me.

4. My weight has dropped. Is it because organic bovine gelatin is very high in protein?

The above is what I can tell you has occurred in my life after just 60 days of stirring organic bovine gelatin into my daily routine. I encourage you to try it.

Did you ever think collagen (organic bovine gelatin) therapy could be so cheap?

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