Saturday, March 2, 2013

"You've lost that bloated feeling..... oooh that bloated feeling.....

The blog title should be sung to the words "You've lost that loving feeling..." Did you know there is a very simple solution to getting rid of, in the very least, easing "that bloated feeling?" I know, as well as many others, of this very simple remedy. If followed regularly, you will feel less bloated, while at the very same time, you wil lose a few pounds. Do I now I have your attention? Before you call me a blowhard, I will go ahead and spill the beans. Believe me, with this remedy, you will have no problem eating richer foods or adding more beans and other fibers to your diet.
Lemon is key. Of course we all know eating a peppermint or two after a big dinner always eases the mind and helps keep a stomach settled. After all, how many digestive aids have a slight peppermint or minty flavor? But lemon, pure squeezed lemon into water after a meal works wonders. Because I am bigger than most people, 6' 3" at 225 pounds, I squeeze one whole lemon into 8 ounces of water. Smaller frames could get by with 1/2 lemon in 8 ounces of water. No sugar or any other ingredient, period. I mean that now!!
For me, the lemon regimen is every morning before coffee. The charge I get from the nutritious lemon is more awakening than any charge from the caffeinated coffee. Why do you think we call lemon with water lemonade or lemonaid? Because it is a very natural aid without the sugar. Believe me, you will feel better very quickly.
After drinking the sour or tart lemon water, wait a while and rinse your mouth with water and swallow. You will see whiter teeth within a week, a little more sensitive for sure. But, with personal adjustments to your own body requirements, you will feel less bloated, you WILL lose weight, and you just can not help but thank yourself for that pretty smile looking back at you in the mirror.
Research all you want about lemon. You will be glad you did. Later, we can discuss the LEMONADE DIET.

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