Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Winning Solution To Classroom Crisis

A teacher that I know was crying the other day. She was crying because her job had become such an emotional burden. She wants to teach and has done very well as a teacher for the past 29 years. Her ability, however, is now burdened with children and parents who just don't care. It is true, teachers have transitioned into babysitters due to societal needs. Large class sizes coupled with a few undisciplined children inhibit her ability to teach. You can bet she is not alone.
I have said it before and I will say it again. teachers need to go on a nationwide strike right now. This strike should be different. Strike for more discipline, not more money. Parental support will be magnified with this type of strike. I can even see parents walking the picket line with them. With more discipline measures gained from such a strike, the teacher is now able to teach with a lot less stress and emotional sacrifice. For added measure, police agencies could be and, in my opinion, should be required to drop in and walk a "hall beat" from time to time. In the very least, the police agencies, might do this at random, without any additional cost to that agency. It makes sense, i.e., more discipline equates to less crime. Since schools hold a confined population and every where else in society where people are gathered, police tend to be present, how can this be argued?
With such a simple solution, we could get more discipline and the added safety of a police officer's presence. These officers could even hold gun safety classes as opposed to the "demonization" of guns that is so prevalent in school systems today. Imagine the world with more disciplined and respectful children, eating gun shaped pop tarts.

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