Sunday, August 17, 2014

Church and State

In the United States of America we do not have a church that is mandated by the state as the "Church of America" and for good reason. We do, however, have a public school system that is controlled by the state and indoctrinating our kids daily. How can that indoctrination be counter balanced?
The independent churches in the USA could offer powerful support towards shifting the balance of power in America. Nothing in the Constitution prevents the churches from doing so. Do you really think the IRS is going to come down on the churches collectively without a severe public backlash? What is it the churches fear? 
We must remember the foundation of this country is settled upon the belief in an authority much greater than any government ever created by men. In the past decisions were made by men and women only after deep prayer to that higher authority, pleading for wisdom and guidance. Today, countrymen meet in churches weekly and are afraid to discuss political issues because an authority created by elected officials supposedly could cause them harm.
What do the churches of today believe in? Are they really afraid of the man made authority or do they believe a higher power will protect them from such? Regardless, for the ship of state in America to right itself, every church in America must immediately become involved and fight for the right to engage in argument against the overreach of a tyrannical state.
One other point I would like to make. The beautiful buildings called churches, built upon tax free revenue, are a sight to behold when filled with faithful followers. When empty, they are simply beautiful buildings. Is the beautiful building, surrounded by poverty, homelessness, and single mothers or fathers, really what God intends for us all?

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