Monday, August 19, 2013

Top Ten Fastpitch Softball Books of 2015

Have you seen the Top Ten Fastpitch Softball Books of 2014 list? After all, we have our favorite fastpitch softball players and our favorite fastpitch softball teams, but how many of us have read one of the best fastpitch softball books of the year? When you were a kid, did you keep several fastpitch softball books to read laying around or did you have a couple of fastpitch softball books that you read over and over? Well, I did and one of those favorite fastpitch softball books I read as a kid was given as a present to me on my 29th birthday. Yes, I read it again.

The Top Ten Fastpitch Softball Books of 2014 list is composed of current bestsellers and a couple of hidden gems. "Throw Like A Girl" is the great book from Jenny Finch and is on top, with "Little League Softball Champs" and "Fastpitch Softball: The Windmill Pitcher" closing just a few books behind in the Top Ten Fastpitch Softball Books of 2014 list.

My favorite, especially for the 10 - 13 year old fastpitch softball enthusiast, is Little League Softball Champs. It captures the moments and the essence, while offering a real encouraging and motivational value in a story of courage and sacrifice. You can get the PDF Version now, just click here. If you prefer to order the paperback, please click here or the KINDLE eBook edition by clicking here.

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