Friday, February 1, 2013

A Great Little League Baseball Book For Boys

How refreshing to hear my 11 year old nephew tell me about a book he had read. You see, like so many young kids these days, he does not read a book very often. However, this Little League baseball book for boys called LITTLE LEAGUE HEROES really clicked with my sister's 12 year old son. Take the PDF Version now, just click here. You can also order the paperback by clicking here or the KINDLE eBook edition by clicking here. Of course, when I asked the 12 year old young man, "tell me what makes LITTLE LEAGUE HEROES such a good baseball book for boys like you to read," his only response was, "I loved LITTLE LEAGUE HEROES because the story really made me think about some of my teammates."

He then went on to tell me about certain players in the book and how they came from different parts of town. The kid talked about their "fortunes" and "misfortunes," and the struggles the players and parents went through as the season progressed. But his eyes lit up when he told me how LITTLE LEAGUE HEROES ended. No doubt, he really enjoyed the book.

LITTLE LEAGUE HEROES seemed to work magic on my nephew. It obviously is a wonderful Little League baseball book for boys to read.