Thursday, December 20, 2012

Great Book about Little League Baseball

I know baseball season is just around the corner but I found a fantastic Little League book written as if it came from the mind of the Little Leaguer himself. It captures a young boy's dreams and the daily dramas in a very real way. The author does a good job of creating the personality of each player and developing their character. By doing so, the book draws you into their daily lives and the struggles they go through as they slowly develop into a very competitive team. Yes, it is a book about Little League Baseball. However, it brings out some of the conflicts that our youth still struggle with today and puts them in a very positive light. In the intersection of our lives with baseball, this perfect book for any young boy stands up as a must read!

Fortunately, it is in both E-book and paperback formats. If your child likes sports, particularly a team sport like baseball, he will love this book! The name of the book is Little League Heroes, authored by Joe Jackson.

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